Social Media and the Environment Reply

Social media has become a complex, influential, and multifaceted aspect in the modern business environment.  Furthermore, it has become a positive outlet to spread knowledge, ideals, and can be utilized to cut business costs. “When NZBusiness magazine polled readers as to whether or not they use social media, users outnumbered non-users by almost two to one. Many people who told us they don’t use social media said they’re planning to get up and running with it soon” (Ruth). In turn, social media should be considered a relevant topic in proper planning, building a reactive business plan, and environmental integration.

Can social media help the environment? Absolutely! It can help reduce the use of natural resources used during traditional marketing and advertising campaigns. It has also become a key element in the relatively new concept of social metering. “As the first software company worldwide GreenPocket […] has come up with a smartphone app connecting smart metering with the social web. The pioneering social metering app will be presented for the first time at Metering Billing/ CRM Europe in Amsterdam (October 4-6, 2011)” (Thomas Goette).  I think this is a very interesting eco-friendly ideology and I’m looking forward to following its implementation.

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