Always Late; Back Log Your Activities 3

There is one thing in this world that can’t be stopped, time!  It always seems when we need or want more time, it can never be found. When we want time to speed up, it’s as if it slows down. However, we can take an active stance on time management.   A useful tool I’ve found is the back log approach. Most of us use a back log approach to time management when we go to sleep.  For instance, say I have to go to work at 9:00a.m tomorrow.  I know I need to get up at 8:00a.m and I want to be in bed by midnight to get 8 hours of sleep. It establishes a timeline of events; we highlight key objectives, from finish to start, that we want to get accomplished.  This approach is applicable in your personal life, but it can be brought to the business environment as well.

In the business environment, we can maximize time management and coordinate a timeline to meet objectives.  Meetings can be planned; tasks can be assigned accordingly, as we begin to eliminate tunnel vision. This approached can be used inversely, but the concept remains the same.  Thereafter, we tend to forget minor details, the extra five minutes it takes to make copies, how long it takes to start the computer, etc.   The more detailed we can make back logging, the better the results are. Lastly, this approach allows you to implement contingency elements.  It can be as simple as back logging an extra 5 minutes to your already allotted 5 minute time needed to get to a conference room.  At a minimum, you’ll be early 99% of the time, but you also have that buffer, or contingency element, say if your printer was to jam while printing the documents needed for the conference.

Overall, taking an active stance in time management shows motivation, organization, and professionalism. It’s an essential in the business environment and a great application to your personal life.