Time Management in the Workplace; Man Your Battle Station Reply

“Man Your Battle Stations!!!”…Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic, but the workplace presents a multitude of difficult and time consuming challenges.  In turn, through better personal organization and proper planning, improved time management can be achieved in the workplace.


It’s easy to get disorganized and we often have little trouble rationalizing why it happened.  In fact, organization, or lack of, is one of the biggest critical factors in ineffective time management.  When you start your day at the office, take an extra 5 minutes to organize your workspace.  Desk organizers are a great investment; they range from organizing simple items such as pens and pencils, to advanced stackable document devices.  Calendars, day-planners, and check lists are some other simple, easy, and effective tools to improve your workplace organization. Check out Productivity501.com, 12 Tips for an Organized Desk, for some other great and helpful tips.


Prepare your office or workspace with items such as white out, tape, staplers, extra paper, ect. Remember, it’s not a hassle until you don’t have it and finding such items can be very time consuming.

Always plan for the unexpected.  Save electronic documents; it seems simple enough, but we often get lost in our personal thoughts and the task at hand.  If you’re working on a large or in-depth document, save multiple drafts of the document instead of consecutively saving the same document.   This method can help reduce formatting problems, the ability to integrate alternate options & the adaptation of new items, and the ability to view the document through its multiple stages.


“Workplace distractions cost U.S. business some $650 billion a year” (Businessweek). Accordingly, it’s not just business that is adversely effected; it has an instrumental impact on time management.   Distractions come in all shapes and forms, from co-workers, to technology, to the internet.  In turn, internet usage is one of the easiest ways to lose time, but also the easiest distraction to manage. Set time constraints on internet usage if needed and constantly asses if you are working on the task at hand.  Ultimately, be aware of distractions and try limit when possible.