Mindset Management; Maximize Your Efforts 1

At times, our mindset can adversely control the external environment around us. Accordingly, if we don’t want to complete a task at hand,  have preconceived notions about it, or find there is a lack of preparation; simple tasks seem harder to do. Relating to this ideology, I like to say, “we work harder in second gear,” as our productively is also adversely effected.  Our mindsets have the ability to make a task seem harder to do than it really is. Luckily, we  have the ability to overcome this obstacle through proper planning, time management, and heightened personal awareness.

In 2003, I become a registered EMT in the state of Nevada and was exposed to the Kübler-Ross model, commonly referred to as The Five Stages of Grief. Strangely, I’ve found in learning this model I have effectively improved my own task management skills as well as heightened my  own personal awareness.

To  further show this concept, I want to share a personal example that I hope most of you can relate too.  With autumn upon us and winter right around the corner I dread walking to my car every morning, the five frozen minutes that follow thereafter and battling the morning traffic.  If I choose to do nothing other than walk to my car, my experience becomes seemingly dreadful.  With proper planning (gloves, coat etc.) the task becomes more tolerable.  I can integrate  time management & preparation, for example, by warming my car up five minutes earlier. In turn, the task becomes even more tolerable.   The hardest task becomes mindset management. If I don’t want to drive to work, the task becomes seemingly dreadful. Through heightened personal awareness, I can begin to identify, isolate, and change the adverse and negative feelings complicating the task at hand. Ultimately,  the goal is to change our feelings in order to create both a positive internal and external environment. By driving to work, I can make money to buy a new T.V. and get  an extra 15 minutes to listen to my favorite radio show. Overall, through  improving my mindset and awareness  in the business environment,  I have also improved my time management,  task management and productivity skills.

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