What’s following me? Sustainability via LED’s 1

As I was walking to my car tonight on the top floor of the Brian J. Whalen parking complex at the University of Nevada Reno, I couldn’t help but feel like I was being followed. Well, not in the sense that someone creepy was stalking me.  I got off the elevator and started walking to my car. I took a few steps and it got brighter, but the parking structure lights were already on. I took a few more steps and it got brighter again…Hmmm, I squinted my eyes and continued walking; the lights were the one’s following me!

The University of Nevada Reno  recently received a grant in early October taking action focusing the funds on three sustainability projects in lighting, renewable energy and recycling (Jessica Fryman). The lights that had been following me were motion censored light-emitting diodes (LED’s). LED lights last up to 10 to 15 times longer than other lights and technological innovation is making them more and more cost effective  (Jessica Fryman).  Accordingly, this is not UNR’s first action towards environmental sustainability, as they have implemented similar projects across the campus.  Most notability, the construction of the Joe Crowley Student Union was executed as a low-impact development project (University of Nevada Reno).

The Nevada State Office of Energy (NSOE) has been taking similar actions launching “a program to retrofit 4534 street lights with LEDs in multiple areas across the state” (LEDs Magazine). Conservation  can be brought main stream, improving energy efficiencies and sustainability.
Although fairly simple, these examples display the use of using conservation to move forward.

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