Repetition, It’s a powerful tool Reply

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While severing in the Marine Corps, I became  familiarized with repetition. Yes, very familiarized with repetition, not only of pull-ups and push-ups, but also with using the ideology of repetition as a tool. It can be integrated into any external environment including the business environment as well as incorporated into eco-friendly ideologies to steam-line inefficiencies. Overall, not only is it a great to tool to apply to time management, but it is also extremely powerful when applied to simple tasks.

Since I was unable to  finish this blog yesterday, I luckily had the idea of repetition fresh in my mind while driving. Through repetition I have built muscle memory to look both ways at an intersection, even when I have a green light.  I used the word lucky for a reason, as a bicyclist decided to cross the intersection while I was driving–even though he didn’t have the right-of-way.  Nearly missing each other,  my heart pounded nearly out of my chest as I had reacted to the situation merely through instinct and muscle memory.  I had  gained a new heightened sense of awareness.  Not even five minutes later, a fuzzy little cotton-tailed rabbit decided to cross the road.  Because I was more aware of my surroundings due to the prior incident, I slowed to give the rabbit the right-of-way–but don’t worry, I chastised him for not using the cross walk.  After my eventful car drive, I was reminded of the power of repetition and how applicable it was  in heightening my own personal awareness while driving.

My Challenge to You

At every street light, I challenge you to look left and right even if you have a green light so as to build your own muscle memory.  Why? “ Intersections are the center of most accidents”( I hope this fact will increase awareness as a useful tool in your life–although it is one I hope you rarely have to use.  

So, how can this be applied to efficiency in management? In the business environment, there are many tasks that become repetitive. As professionals, we become numb to the importance these daily tasks hold. However, by using muscle memory to practice efficient and correct methodologies, we can assure that the mundane task be never overlooked. Think of this as more of  a mind challenge than a game in time management.  Repetition builds muscle memory. Overall, it’s a tool to stream-line  inefficiencies, advance learning, and improve time management.

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