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Is water the most valuable natural resource in the world? Quite possibly. Whether fresh or salt, water is an essential element for the sustainability of life. “Earth may be known as the ‘water planet’, but even though about 70 percent of its surface is covered by water, less than 1 percent is available for human use” (EPA).  As a result, we need to take proactive approach to reduce our personal water consumption. In this edition of Blue Management, we examine  innovative cost reducing  water conservation products suitable for your home or office.

“Switching over to water-efficient plumbing fixtures could save the average household as much as $50 to $100 a year on water and wastewater bills” (GreenandSave.com) .

Water Efficient Toilets

Traditional American toilets made prior to the Energy Policy Act of 1992 use roughly 3.5 gallons per flush.  In turn, the Energy Policy Act of 1992 set forth new standards, requiring common flush toilets to meet a 1.6 gallon flush requirement by the end of 1994 .  Today, new ‘Low Flow’ and ‘High-Efficiency’ toilets use  roughly 1.3 gallons per flush. GreenandSave.com  

Water Efficient Shower Heads

“For maximum water efficiency, select a shower head with a flow rate of less than 2.5 gpm. There are two basic types of low-flow shower heads: aerating and laminar-flow” (U.S Department of Energy). Shower heads made prior to 1992, could be using up to nearly 5.5 gpm. 

Water Efficient Appliances

Look for Energy Star products, as they must earn this label by meeting strict energy reducing requirements set forth by the government.  For example, “a dishwasher built before 1994 wastes more than 10 gallons of water per cycle. A new, ENERGY STAR qualified dishwasher will save, on average, 1,300 gallons of water over its lifetime” (EnergyStar.Gov).   Be sure to look for washing machines with this label as well. 

Water Efficient Faucets

“Faucets account for more than 15 percent of indoor household water use—more than 1 trillion gallons of water across the United States each year. WaterSense labeled bathroom sink faucets and accessories can reduce a sink’s water flow by 30 percent or more without sacrificing performance. We could save billions of gallons each year by retrofitting the country’s 222 million bathroom sink faucets with models that have earned the WaterSense Label” (EPA). Accordingly, the WaterSense Label is not limited to just faucets and can be found on a multitude of different home appliances and products. 

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