Mindset Management; Maximize Your Efforts 1

At times, our mindset can adversely control the external environment around us. Accordingly, if we don’t want to complete a task at hand,  have preconceived notions about it, or find there is a lack of preparation; simple tasks seem harder to do. Relating to this ideology, I like to say, “we work harder in second gear,” as our productively is also adversely effected.  Our mindsets have the ability to make a task seem harder to do than it really is. Luckily, we  have the ability to overcome this obstacle through proper planning, time management, and heightened personal awareness.

In 2003, I become a registered EMT in the state of Nevada and was exposed to the Kübler-Ross model, commonly referred to as The Five Stages of Grief. Strangely, I’ve found in learning this model I have effectively improved my own task management skills as well as heightened my  own personal awareness.

To  further show this concept, I want to share a personal example that I hope most of you can relate too.  With autumn upon us and winter right around the corner I dread walking to my car every morning, the five frozen minutes that follow thereafter and battling the morning traffic.  If I choose to do nothing other than walk to my car, my experience becomes seemingly dreadful.  With proper planning (gloves, coat etc.) the task becomes more tolerable.  I can integrate  time management & preparation, for example, by warming my car up five minutes earlier. In turn, the task becomes even more tolerable.   The hardest task becomes mindset management. If I don’t want to drive to work, the task becomes seemingly dreadful. Through heightened personal awareness, I can begin to identify, isolate, and change the adverse and negative feelings complicating the task at hand. Ultimately,  the goal is to change our feelings in order to create both a positive internal and external environment. By driving to work, I can make money to buy a new T.V. and get  an extra 15 minutes to listen to my favorite radio show. Overall, through  improving my mindset and awareness  in the business environment,  I have also improved my time management,  task management and productivity skills.

The Power of Wind 2

“As long as the sun shines, the wind will blow” (National Geographic ). Why not harness the power of nature for sources of renewable energy?

(Photograph Source: Medford Taylor; National Geographic )

Wind has been thought of as a source of energy, from Christopher Columbus to Benjamin Franklin.  Franklin harnessed the power of wind  to conduct his famous kite experiment.  Ultimately, it sparked a revolution in science technology.  Today wind power is seen as a source of renewable energy and  has established its own worldwide  industry. “In the United States, which passed Germany to become the country producing the most wind power, the Department of Energy has estimated that wind power could account for 20 percent of the nation’s electricity supply by 2030” (The New York Times).  Proper planning, eco-friendly management, and innovation are helping  produce productive wind power worldwide. The industry is moving forward and fast. Let’s take a closer look at wind power:                                                                                                        

Wind Power

Wind is a viable source of energy and is one of  the fastest growing sources of renewable energy (New York Times).  Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, the wind power industry is still evolving and needs many improvements. One of the biggest concerns associated with wind power is if there is no wind, there is no power. Thus, it’s only reliable to a certain extend. Cost, geographic locations, hindrance of wildlife and storage of energy are still topics of high concern. In turn, new battery storage techniques are at the forefront of making wind power more reliable ( Scientific American ).  Geographic locations present difficulty in producing cost effective wind power. High wind locations can produce high costs to get energy to a viable sources or storage areas. Wind farms must also be mindful of local wildlife. There’s no harm that wind power is not applicable to every location  or situation, it’s still valuable source of renewable energy.  As technology continues  to evolve, so will  the productivity and use of wind power as a source of energy.

Information video from Time magazine

How Nevada Shapes up

Southern Nevada, including locations near Las Vegas and Ely  indicate “good-to-excellent” locations for  wind resources. Nevada is home to many high ridge crests found throughout the state which have been indicated as good locations for wind power devices (U.S Department of Energy). “According to a resource assessment from the National Renewable Energy Lab, Nevada’s wind resource could provide nearly 60 percent of the state’s current energy.” (American Wind Energy Association).  Check out the U.S Department of Energy to see how your state shapes up.

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