A Cost Cutting Guide to Green Innovation Reply


In this post, we will focus on green innovation projects and  opportunities that can help  reduce operating  cost.  Although the focus is applicable to larger scale business operations, we can heighten our overall awareness by exploring new eco-friendly ideologies.  Ultimately, this post is  an informational portal to help your business find additional information for a more sustainable business plan and strategy.

Build a green foundation. No really you can build and implement  innovative green technologies into the foundation of your new office, building or other assets.  The National Renewable Energy Laboratory  offers many recommendations and publications to help business owners achieve higher energy performances.  “Building designers and operators could cut energy use by 50% in large office buildings, hospitals, schools, and a variety of stores— including groceries, general merchandise outlets, and retail outlets—by following the recommendations of researchers at the (NREL).”  In referring back to my earlier post, What’s following me? Sustainability via LED’s, we can look at the University of Nevada Reno’s Joe Crowley Student Union as an example of a successful  low-impact developmental project integrating green innovations.

The NREL discloses recommendations in technical support documents (TSDs) compiled on their website.  The information is supported by the  U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and additional information can be found through their Building Technologies Program.

Accordingly, green innovation is not limited to just building projects and can be implemented into any stage of your business plan, strategy, or current operations. There are  many different  funding opportunities, tax-credits, and state rebate programs available to help your company.  The EPA and DOE have put together a variety of sources helpful in implementing green incentives into your business strategy:

Sources and Additional Information

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