Job Advertisements; Exploration & Strategy Reply

After recently searching through some job search engines, I wanted to share a blog post about job advertisements. Traditionally, letters of application and resumes give employers the ability to screen potential candidates for their job advertisements and announcements.  Although not officially recognized, social media platforms and personal branding  are giving candidates have the ability to further present themselves in a professional demeanor.

Exploring Job Advertisements & Strategy

  • Exploration through Analysis

Rhetorical analysis of author voice and character in job advertisements is the foundation I use to present my desired character in my personal resume or letter of application.  I want to present myself as the best overall qualified candidate for the job opening and guarantee a follow-on interview. Essentially, I want to present ethos tailored to author voice.   Lastly, it’s naive to think our personal web presence, either positive or negative, will not  have some effect this decision.

  • Strategy

My strategy in meeting my presentation goals is to explore and dissect the author’s methodology in the job advertisement.  I want to sound professional, knowledgeable, and highly qualified for the position. Thus, a strong and intelligent “voice” and “tone” are my first presentation tools and should spark interest in the intended audience.  I can use similar language and verbiage found the job advertisement to reach this objective. I also use key works and  specific verbiage  throughout my LinkedIn profile.  Thereafter, I want to trigger an emotional response within the audience. My resume and letter of application should come across as original.  It should be formatted with a solid structure and extra consideration should be put into choosing superior word choices.  Lastly, eliminate unclear sections and unoriginal ideas. There are many other strategies, so please share your thoughts and feelings.

Have a Green Turkey Day Reply

It’s it important to remember that just because the holidays are here, we still need to keep in mind our principles of conservation. The holidays are usually known as a time for glutinous activity, keeping a few of these eco-friendly tips in mind can assure we have a green turkey day.