Capabilities Reply

We offer a comprehensive list of services to choose from, depending on your particular business needs.

Sustainability Consulting                                                                                  

Our teams are highly trained and knowledgeable, specializing in services that meet the three P’s; People, Planet, Profit. Utilizing and embracing a Triple Bottom Line approach allows our team to assist clients in all areas of the business simultaneously.  

Starting with a ‘integrative approach’, we create a holistic competitive advantage, allowing for all parties involved to sync in terms of understanding the interconnections of all functional areas of the business and it’s built environment.

Implementing charrettes, awareness, iterative processes, building sub-metering & monitoring, and feedback loops we further help our clients become more efficient, productive, and aware of their environment, while saving costs and reducing energy and water inefficiencies.

With the tools, techniques, and mythologies in mind, we have created our signature  S.M.A.R.T approach, in which our  team will tailor to your individual business needs; we can find a sustainable approach to fit nearly all business models and their built environment.

Project & Strategic Management Services
Project Management Information System (PMIS); Project Charter’s; Procurement & Contract Drafting, Request for Proposals (RFP’s), Request for Quotation (RFQ’s), Statement of Work (SOW’s), Master Service Agreement’s; Divisional Profit & Loss Forecasting; Analysis and integration of Enterprise Environmental Factors.

Engineering Support & Services

• MS Project 2016, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Prosci (Change Management), Photoshop, 3D Printing, CAD Software – AutoCAD, SolidWorks, & SketchUp

Standards & References:
• (IP) ANSI – Integrative Process, ISO, ICC International Codes, ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA, EPA Energy Star, EPA WaterSense Water Budget Tool, GreenScreen

Tools & Techniques:
• PMBOK Guide 5th edition, LEED Online, EPA’s Energy Star Portfolio Manager, Integrative Process – charrettes and S.M.A.R.T goal setting, Life-cycle assessment, Life-cycle costing, Benchmarking, Low-Impact Development

• Integrative Process, Waterfall, SCRUM, Agile, ‘Systems Thinking’, Iterative Process, Triple Bottom Line

Integrated Marketing
Ensuring Project Teams, Marketing, PR, and Social media departments work together to present a constant tone and messaging. Communication Management Plans;  Stakeholder Management.

Military Transition, Mentorship, & Career Placement
We specialize in bringing qualified veteran personal to meet specific client needs, utilizing past military experience & analysis of military occupation codes.

Staffing Solutions & Team Building
We partner to provide contingent and direct hire services to deliver the best qualified professionals in the market and meet your project needs. In conjunction, we manage project teams, individual consultants, and Subject Matter Experts


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